But is schoolwork fun?

Dan asks an interesting question that briefly interests me before I drag his IMs into my blog window and write this.

Skier Wysz (3:50:35 AM): i just got back tonight, and have already posted 19 entries
philyfan83 (3:50:40 AM): um...ok
Skier Wysz (3:50:51 AM): and one of them was a full page
Skier Wysz (3:51:05 AM): of my own prose
Skier Wysz (3:51:11 AM): not even quotes
philyfan83 (3:51:35 AM): what would happen if you put all of this effort into actual schoolwork?
Skier Wysz (3:52:09 AM): i'd probably be going here for free

Posted: Mon - November 3, 2003 at 03:53 AM