Catching up

I need a filtering system.

csvroomfondel (7:31:51 PM): you posted pretty much our entire conversation from a couple of nights ago
csvroomfondel (7:31:59 PM): i think you need to work on a filtering system
Skier Wysz (7:32:13 PM): yeah well i had gone several days without updating
Skier Wysz (7:32:22 PM): so i was kinda playing catch-up
csvroomfondel (7:32:58 PM): ah, so it was like you were a starving man who suddenly has a feast, eats too fast, and throws up
csvroomfondel (7:33:16 PM): only in your case it comes out as lots of IM conversations posted to you r blog
Skier Wysz (7:33:25 PM): um, sure

Posted: Tue - December 2, 2003 at 07:37 PM