I wonder if he's writing an entry about this too

Chris and I test iChat's audio chat.

I just had an audio chat with Chris, who lives across campus. He doesn't have a camera, so we couldn't test the video. Since I don't have a microphone, I plugged in my firewire video camera. There was ZERO configuration. As soon as I turned the camera on, a little audio icon appeared next to Chris's name in my buddy list. I clicked on it, and bam—I heard a tired voice.

Skier Wysz (1:34:06 AM): yeah i definitely want to try the V of A/V
csvroomfondel (1:34:54 AM): voice chat is pretty crazy by itslef, i bet video is even more intense
Skier Wysz (1:35:32 AM): yeah, mine's gonna be sweet. i'll have a bluescreen that i will replace with crazy backgrounds
Skier Wysz (1:35:37 AM): live chromakey
csvroomfondel (1:35:41 AM): crazy
Skier Wysz (1:35:46 AM): i will give chats from the moon
csvroomfondel (1:36:02 AM): wicked
csvroomfondel (1:36:05 AM): awesom
csvroomfondel (1:36:06 AM): e

Posted: Sun - October 26, 2003 at 01:41 AM