What made it? This:

More "werid" quotes from Ted.

Pez Man40 (3:00:26 AM): i have off tomorrow so i am trying to work ahead for once in my life
Pez Man40 (3:00:34 AM): it is a werid feeling that i don't like
Skier Wysz (3:00:46 AM): wow it must be
Pez Man40 (3:01:04 AM): it is i don't recomend it man
Pez Man40 (3:01:13 AM): it is so much better being a slacker
Skier Wysz (3:01:39 AM): hopefully this is only temporary
Pez Man40 (3:02:00 AM): i hope so too
Pez Man40 (3:02:01 AM): question: what of this conversation has been blogged cuz i know some always is

Posted: Mon - November 17, 2003 at 03:05 AM