Why did I post this?

Because I promised Dan that I would.

philyfan83 (1:17:21 AM): i leave in 10 days
philyfan83 (1:17:24 AM): to go home again
Skier Wysz (1:17:35 AM): umm so do i
Skier Wysz (1:17:43 AM): but wait a minute
Skier Wysz (1:17:49 AM): my time zone is an hour ahead!
philyfan83 (1:17:56 AM): yeah....
Skier Wysz (1:17:56 AM): so i DO start my break before you!
Skier Wysz (1:18:01 AM): i'm awesome
philyfan83 (1:18:18 AM): what time do you leave to go home?
Skier Wysz (1:18:28 AM): what time do you leave?
philyfan83 (1:18:33 AM): jinx
Skier Wysz (1:18:55 AM): umm, i haven't been in second grade for a while, so remind me what that means
philyfan83 (1:18:59 AM): lol
philyfan83 (1:19:15 AM): i leave at 4:00 your time
Skier Wysz (1:19:26 AM): i leave much earlier than that
philyfan83 (1:19:44 AM): but my break actually starts at 12:00 your time
Skier Wysz (1:20:19 AM): i dont know if you confused me or if i confused myself, but i think we should stop
philyfan83 (1:21:52 AM): nah, i want your head to explode

Posted: Mon - December 1, 2003 at 01:40 AM