Maybe I'll transfer

Not-Hopkins John on registration.

ironviking 60 (8:46:56 AM): I register for classes over the internet. Ergo, my college is better than yours.
ironviking 60 (8:47:35 AM): Also, I recieved my GA/PC invitation in the middle of last week, coincidence? I think not...
Skier Wysz (8:48:19 AM): we register over the internet too, this is just a pre-registration for film majors, so they give the list to the registration office that lets us register for the film classes w/o being waitlisted
Skier Wysz (8:48:24 AM): well at least thats the idea
ironviking 60 (8:48:31 AM): thats a horrible idea
ironviking 60 (8:48:38 AM): internet is superior!!!!!!
ironviking 60 (8:48:44 AM): wireless!!! t
ironviking 60 (8:48:50 AM): technology!
Skier Wysz (8:49:34 AM): whatever, i'm not gonna sit here and defend my school
Skier Wysz (8:49:38 AM): lehigh rules!
ironviking 60 (8:49:54 AM): here the computers manage all our classes, including waitlists, and penguin butlers bring us food!!!!!

Posted: Tue - November 11, 2003 at 09:24 AM