Mon - December 1, 2003

'Tis the season to be awesome

Today is December 1st.

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Sun - November 30, 2003


Past, present, and future of the Wysz

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Surprises are awesome

What's an awesome surprise?

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Tue - November 25, 2003

It's today!

Time to go home!

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Mon - November 24, 2003

I can't wait!

I can almost smell Thanksgiving dinner.

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Sun - November 23, 2003


I discover a NetNewsWire alternative.

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Fri - November 21, 2003

Happy Friday

It's finally Friday.

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Mahna Mah-AWESOME!

Sarah fulfills her promise!

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Thu - November 20, 2003

Something to look forward to

Manah Manah!

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Wed - November 19, 2003

Is it over? Is it over?

The end of the semester approaches, and I welcome it.

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Mon - November 17, 2003

Time flies even when you're not having fun

Winter break is WHEN?

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Fri - November 14, 2003


A shout-out to the Wysz.

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Tue - November 11, 2003

New Late Show item

A hat!

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Tue - November 4, 2003

I told you he was going to be a father!

It's a kid!

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Eric Idle

I finally see Eric Idle.

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Mon - November 3, 2003

I need an iSight!

iChat AV really really works.

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Nice surprise

I come back to a surprise in the bathroom.

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Thu - October 30, 2003


I will go home soon.

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Sat - October 25, 2003

Fast User Switching Rules

I investigate the benefits of this new feature.

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Fri - October 24, 2003


Panther Rules.

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Greetings From The Future

Panther is installed.

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Thu - October 23, 2003


Panther is on its way!

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Mon - October 20, 2003

Thank you

Shout-out to my concerned friends and family.

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Sat - October 18, 2003


My 100th blog entry!

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Fri - October 17, 2003

Did anyone see him kiss the fish?

Conan becomes a father.

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Thu - October 16, 2003

Word spreads quickly

Word spreads fast.

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I shall start by printing every frame of The Matrix.

I find a free color printer.

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Reminds me of 5th grade when I found an error on a grammar poster

My instructor isn't perfect.

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Wed - October 15, 2003

I promised I would keep you updated

I finally get to talk to new people on the phone.

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Fri - October 10, 2003

Dryer Benefit!

I make some cash in the laundry room.

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Wysz goes to town. D-Town.

I get to go home for the second weekend in a row; and I have big plans.

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Thu - October 9, 2003

Letter #2

I got my second college letter.

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Wed - October 8, 2003

It works!

I've figured out this blog thing.

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