Wed - December 3, 2003

Not only did they take my noexistent hot water pot

JHU wreaks more housing havoc.

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Sun - November 23, 2003

Appetite killer

Health hazards on campus.

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So cold

My right hand isn't working so well.

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Thu - November 20, 2003

Chips without dips

Snacking troubles.

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Wed - November 19, 2003

"It's all about the food," so where is it?

When is it open?

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Tue - November 18, 2003



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Mon - November 17, 2003

Who am I? Ted?

2 typos in 1 entry!

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Sat - November 15, 2003

Next time I'm taking my camera

Silverware at Terrace.

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Fri - November 14, 2003

Manah Manah

Maybe they should buy a Mac.

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Thu - November 13, 2003

Words that some people pronounce strangely

This has bothered me for a while

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Wed - November 12, 2003



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But I want to learn!

False advertising by the library.

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I need a life

Too much blogging time.

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Tue - November 11, 2003

Maybe I'm just crazy

Cafeteria complaint.

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Easy as Dell ain't that easy.

Initial horrors of purchasing a PC.

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Registration issues.

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Tue - November 4, 2003

Ticketmaster update

Stop calling!

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I don't even know who to be mad at

Eric Idle ticket stuff.

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Mon - November 3, 2003

My seat better be on stage

Idle tickets available again.

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Where is Pablo?

I'm hungry, and Pablo isn't around.

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Cattle Car

I survive another crowded train ride from Trenton to Baltimore.

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Thu - October 30, 2003

That wasn't too bad

I call Comcast again. And then once more.

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I'm calling Brian Roberts

Comcast bill problems.

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Wed - October 29, 2003

This isn't funny

I can't get dinner.

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Tue - October 28, 2003

Be nice.

What is wrong with people?

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Why does it have to be rap?

Homewood Field annoys me once again.

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I realize the reality of my situation.

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Mon - October 27, 2003


You want a plate? Are you a king or something?

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Eric Idle

This guy better be hilarious. Also, he should throw money into the audience, with most of the cash directed at me.

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Sat - October 25, 2003


I need some complaints.

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Thu - October 23, 2003

Oh well

I realize how to save money too late.

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What is going on here?

Panther still hasn't shipped.

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I'm sorry. I just have to complain.

Panther has not shipped yet.

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I thought I was due for a JHU complaint

I try to look up a grade on the registrar's computer.

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Wed - October 22, 2003

Intelligence at Hopkins

One of my classmates would not be a winner on Letterman's "Will it Float?" segment.

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Tue - October 21, 2003

Give me a break

My suitemate continues laughing.

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Be quiet!

My suitemate won't stop laughing.

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Mon - October 20, 2003

Why I have a microwave

More complaints about dining at JHU. What else is new?

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Excessive complaints

I complain about complaining.

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And another thing

I can't drag and drop text on a PC

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Sun - October 19, 2003

Just because

I feel like complaining.

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Location Location Location

I am annoyed by the sounds of Homewood Field.

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A Traumatic Experience

I have another bad experience at Terrace.

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Fri - October 17, 2003

One more thing... (and not in the cool Steve Jobs kind of way)

More laundry problems

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I am again angered by inconsiderate launderers.

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Thu - October 16, 2003

Too much work

I wonder what the purpose of all of this is.

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Wed - October 15, 2003

Just my luck

I find something I could have used a few hours ago.

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And then something went horribly wrong

My procrastination catches up with me.

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Tue - October 14, 2003

School is fun!

Another paper sneaks up on me.

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Looks like I'll be taking an afternoon nap

I forget to go to bed.

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This guy is harder to reach than Letterman
"Reel Big Fish" better be reel good.
I better not have any dryer problems
Be courteous. Now!
All I want is a clean PANTS shirt
Why is this so hard?
How could I forget?
I know it's free (sorta) but...
No Soup For Me
Pepsi Problems