"It's all about the food," so where is it?

When is it open?

Last year, there were specific times for each meal in the cafeteria. Breakfast was from about 7-10, lunch was 11:30-2, and dinner was 5-7. This year, the cafeteria is open all day from 7 AM until 8 PM. We are not charged for breakfast, lunch or dinner; we are simply charged one meal each time we enter the cafeteria. Last year, we could only go in once during each meal time. This new plan was great news for people like me who have schedules that conflict with normal meal times. The only problem is that the only cafeteria worker who has been alerted to this change is the cashier. The people who actually prepare and serve the food don't seem to be aware that the cafeteria is always open. Someone is always there waiting to swipe my card as I enter, but often I will walk in the room only to find a bunch of empty steaming trays. Since we must pay to enter, there is no way of knowing about the availability of food before being charged for it. I tried to avoid this once by asking the cashier if there was any food, and she looked at me like I was an idiot (of course there's food. It's a cafeteria!) and claimed that there was. I entered, and sure enough the food she was speaking of didn't exist. This has happened to me countless times, and at several different hours of the day.

Posted: Wed - November 19, 2003 at 05:22 PM