That wasn't too bad

I call Comcast again. And then once more.

I called the number on my bill and explained the situation. The representative then gave me another long distance number to call. So, I called the number and listed to some commercials for a while until finally someone answered. After I explained my situation, "Did you call Customer Service?" They were the ones who gave me this number! I told him that and he told me that he didn't understand. I explained my story again. "Ummm. [pause] Uh. [pause] I'm not saying that I don't believe you but... could you explain that again?" After the third time (for this guy) he finally put me on hold again. A few minutes later, his voice returned and told me that they would send out a technician to disconnect my cable, and he put a stop date on the bill in September, which should clear everything up.

Posted: Thu - October 30, 2003 at 01:38 PM