Pepsi Problems

I had trouble getting a Pepsi in time for The Late Show.

The time was 11:28 PM. I wanted a Pepsi, but Letterman was on in seven minutes. Last year, I had a lot of experience in getting a cold beverage in time for the show, but tonight was the first night that I had run out of the Pepsi that I brought from home (two 24 packs.)

I ran outside and tried to get into AMR II by the cafeteria, but the doors were locked! How does that make sense? It can't be a valid security precaution, because you can still get to that part of the building by using one of the other unguarded doors. With time running out, I dashed around the building to the other entrance, which was unlocked, and jumped down the stairs, where I found that the "J-Card" reader had been removed from the machine.

As I retrieved a dollar from wallet, I remembered that there was a lounge in the basement of my building, so there was no reason for me to go to AMR II in the first place. The machine gave me the sweet nectar, and I exited via the locked door, and made it to my room just in time.

Posted: Wed - October 8, 2003 at 11:39 PM