And then something went horribly wrong

My procrastination catches up with me.

I was all set. My paper was four pages long, and I had plenty of time to print it, staple it, and walk to class. Ignoring the blinking red light on my printer, I clicked "Print." Four mostly blank pages were soon delivered to the tray. Not willing to give up so easily, I tried printing again. Four completely white pages. I quickly started searching through my supplies, and only found a color cartridge. I was not out of color ink, I was out of black!

Knowing that printing in my room was now not an option, I emailed my document to myself and headed over to the computer lab with only 12 minutes before class. I downloaded the file to one of the Macs, and found that it didn't have AppleWorks. Word opened the document, but ruined my header, and made the document almost half of a page shorter! I had no time to fool around with formatting, so I added a few line breaks around the title as well as one at the top of each page, and sent it to the printer.

At the printer kiosk, I swiped my J-Card so it could charge me $1/page or whatever the rate is, and waited for my document to arrive. The job before me must have been an entire encyclopedia. Since I was hovering over the printer, everyone was getting mad at me because they thought that I was the one printing War and Peace. Finally, my paper came out, and I got to class just in time. I forgot to bring a stapler with me, though. They should probably invest in one for the computer lab to assist other procrastinators. Free staple with every print job or something.

Posted: Wed - October 15, 2003 at 03:33 PM