You want a plate? Are you a king or something?

I went to dinner at Terrace today. No knives, no spoons, no plates, and no place to sit. After a few minutes, they brought out some more plates, which went faster than Eric Idle tickets, but I was able to grab one in time. I had to hang out by the food for a while, pretending to browse while I was watching for a seat to become available. I eventually found one by the tray conveyer-belt thingy, which meant that everyone got to walk past me and watch me eat, and I got to see half-eaten hamburgers as they dropped off their trays. But I will end this on a good note. The pasta wasn't as bad as it's been, the brownie didn't have nuts, the cake was good, and I tried some new tomato thing.

Posted: Mon - October 27, 2003 at 07:01 PM