Easy as Dell ain't that easy.

Initial horrors of purchasing a PC.

My family is going to purchase a PC. We don't want to, but we need a computer with one of those funky connectors, I don't know if they call it serial or parallel or whatever, all I know is Macs don't have them. I heard that Dell is the best of the worst, so I headed to their online store in search of a simple configuration. Going through their customization pages was not fun, especially since I couldn't find any logic behind the different models. I also don't like the fact that they force me to buy a $20 surge protector. Anyway, I have outlined what I think we want. Any suggestions are welcome. (Where to buy, etc.) My guess is we will order the notebook/dock direct from Dell, and finish off the rest with a trip to Staples.

Notebook with docking station (with mouse, keyboard, and 15 or 21" LCD monitor with built-in speakers)
1.5 GHz or so Intel whatever
512 MB RAM
CD-RW drive, maybe DVD-ROM/CD-RW if cheap enough
Windows XP
Office XP Standard For Students and Teachers
Airport-compatible wireless card and Ethernet

I also need a suggestion for a good PC-compatible laser printer/FAX combo. I'm assuming HP is good. No networked printers, please. I want a hard USB connection or whatever PCs are using these days.

Fortunately, after we go through the ordeal of configuring a PC system we will have a much easier process to look forward to. In the summer we will have to get Sara a laptop for college. I'm not sure if it will be an iBook or PowerBook, but in either case, the process will be easy, fast, and include a lot of drooling on my part.

Posted: Tue - November 11, 2003 at 07:20 AM