I don't even know who to be mad at

Eric Idle ticket stuff.

I went to Shriver today to see if they had any student discount tickets available. They did, so I immediately called Ticketmaster. After a few minutes on hold, I asked if I could cancel my order. The woman asked if I had already received the tickets, and I told her that I had not. She then told me that as part of Ticketmaster policy, there are no refunds, returns, or exchanges. If this is a blanket policy, then why would it matter if I had picked up my tickets or not? There is an option on their email form for "I'd like to cancel my order," so I tried that yesterday. Earlier today, they sent me an automated response telling me that my message had been forwarded to a representative. Why not just send a response with their cancellation policy? When I got back from Shriver, I had an email from a representative informing me that I couldn't cancel. A few minutes later, they called me and told me. This policy would probably be something that they could include in the FAQ section of the website.

Knowing that there was no way I could cancel my order, I went to the ticket table, where they were waiting for some guy named Cliff to come with tickets. Eventually he came and started talking with some Hopkins people while students were waiting in line. From their conversation, I learned that they had 100 student tickets available for only $20, and at this point they were "just trying to get bodies in the room." Apparently sales had not gone well. Even if I hadn't ordered from Ticketmaster, there was no additional discount for Entertainment Pass holders. Finally they got things sorted out, and after two people in front of me got their tickets for $20, I picked up my will call tickets. I told everyone that the Entertainment Pass was a waste of money and left.

Posted: Tue - November 4, 2003 at 06:03 PM