A Traumatic Experience

I have another bad experience at Terrace.

I should have consulted my list of "Stuff You Shouldn't Drink" before going to lunch today. I took one sip of the milk at the Terrace Court Café and almost passed out. I can't explain it. I don't know if it was sour, expired, or warm, I just know that it tasted horrible. I actually feel sick right now, and I only had a sip. To confirm that it wasn't just me, I poured a glass for Bill and asked him to try. He had to rinse out his mouth with juice and water, and then he couldn't finish his meal. If you know Bill, you know that it takes a lot to stop him from eating.

I must have had a bad experience there before, since at some point I added "Milk from JHU's Terrace Court Café cafeteria" as #4 on my should-not-drink list. I will never drink milk there again. Wolman Station, another cafeteria on campus, is also blacklisted to a bad milk experience on the Thursday of Hurricane Isabel.

I'm going to lie down and sleep it off.

Posted: Sun - October 19, 2003 at 01:09 PM