Oh well

I realize how to save money too late.

In case you're new to the blog, let me introduce myself. I'm Michael, and I'm an idiot. Just when I figured out that it was cheaper for me to buy two individual copies of Panther at the educational price than it was to buy a "Family Pack" at the retail price, my copy shipped, so it is too late to cancel. I was even getting excited about going to the Apple Store Towson. I still have all year to buy two software products with an educational discount, so I'll have to find out what else I want. I'm looking into Photoshop 7, since my current version is 5. Yes, I have a legal copy of Photoshop.

Apple has not given me any tracking information yet. This means that the product has not actually been shipped, but it's at that too-late-to-cancel point. As soon as I receive a tracking number, I will be following Panther's every move. When it arrives, I'm headed straight to the mailroom with a printout of the delivery confirmation.

Posted: Thu - October 23, 2003 at 08:54 PM