I am again angered by inconsiderate launderers.

Total dryers: 5
Broken: 1.5
Full of somebody else's clothes (but not in use): 3
Available: 0.5

I combined two of my loads and put them in the half broken available dryer. When the next load finished, I removed the contents of one of the full dryers (by "full," I mean one sweatshirt) and put my stuff in. In ten minutes, my final washer load will be complete, so I'll have to decide whose clothes to remove next if both dryers are still full.

There needs to be more incentive for people to remove their clothes within a reasonable period of time. Perhaps the machines could be programmed to run a "sterilization cycle" 30 minutes after each load. The process would involve intense heat, and as a side effect would incinerate any clothing left in the machine.

Posted: Fri - October 17, 2003 at 01:14 PM