Web design

Even Apple's choice of graphic formats amazes me. I admit it, I'm an Apple freak.

I noticed that Apple's web staff carefully chooses the appropriate format for each image on its site, using a combination of GIF's, JPEG's, and other formats (QuickTime, etc.) to create the best visual experience. JPEG's are used only when more than 256 colors are needed, so there is no ugly dithering. In images with areas of solid color, such as the iPod ads, GIF's are used to prevent the artifacts that would be present in JPEG's, especially around text. I appreciate the attention to detail. This is not just an Apple thing. Any good website should pay attention to the pros and cons of formats (not just image formats) and decide when each is appropriate. And to be fair, I did take a quick look at Microsoft's website. Besides a couple of issues (a logo presented at a non-native size, and a dithered GIF photo), they also appeared to make careful decisions between using GIF's and JPEG's.

Posted: Tue - October 14, 2003 at 07:10 AM