Living in the future

Blake is excited about a "new" feature.

Today Blake was IMing me, asking if I noticed anything different, because he had just started using a "new AIM feature." The only thing that I noticed was that he hadn't taken off his away message, so every few IMs from me received an annoying auto-response. After I complained, Blake told me that the away message was the feature. I told him that away messages were nothing new. He said, "But look! I'm away and sending you messages!" According to Blake, this is a feature that users previously had to pay for. I've been able to send IMs while away for years on my Mac, without paying for anything. I know that the PC world is always at least 18 months behind, but I see no reason why AOL would leave out such a small feature on the Windows version of AIM. I think Blake is just an idiot, but if he's right, then yay Apple. Yay Apple even if he's wrong.

Posted: Wed - October 29, 2003 at 10:50 PM