I'm staying cool, man.

I can wait. I just can't wait long.

Sure, other people have already received their copies of Panther, but have you seen a string of complaints from me? Mine hasn't even shipped yet while some people are enjoying fast-user switches and eposés, but I'm being cool about it. I'm even being positive. Today I noted that while my order remains "Open," the shipping method has been updated from "standard shipping" to "standard overnite." I'm also telling myself that it's not a disaster even if I don't get the cat until Saturday. I can use the time to finish a video project and clear it off my computer. I'm cool. I can wait. I just can't wait until Monday, so IF THE MAILROOM HOLDS IT ANY LONGER THAN I DEEM ACCEPTABLE, I WILL NOT BE POSTING ANY HAPPY ENTRIES.

Posted: Wed - October 22, 2003 at 04:01 PM