Man vs. Fly

I have 2 AM battle with a fly.

The other night, sometime between 2 and 3 AM, I had a battle with a fly in my room. The fly's objective was to keep me awake by buzzing around my room. My goal was to evict the fly without killing it. After about 20 action-packed minutes, I won. The fly didn't go without a fight. It flew where I couldn't reach. It went inside hot lights. It went in the bathroom. It even rolled over and played dead. At one point I trapped the enemy when it was confused by a mirror. I made it out the door with my opponent, but the fly flew back in before I could close the door. Finally, I cornered the insect. In an operation that sent one hand sliding across the ceiling and the other swooping in an arc up the wall, I contained the fly in my hands. The choreography and synchronization was amazing, but not surprising since I'm so awesome. I turned off my lights and escorted the fly to the hallway. I let it go and quickly returned to my territory and secured the entrance. Time for sleep.

Posted: Tue - November 4, 2003 at 05:10 AM