Yeah, I don't waste my time on those stupid sites either...

I check out website ratings.

So Blake sent me this link to a "Gematriculator" that uses the "infallible" method of Gematria to rate how evil a web page or text is. I didn't have anything better to do, so:

Each website is rated on a percentage of good and evil. The following percentages all refer to the "good" percentage as determined by the Gematriculator. 61% 28% 73% 70% 94% 65% 85% 38%

Panther: 99%
Longhorn: 1% 53% 77% 73% 58% 83% 91%

Wysz: 99%
Duder: 75%

Michael: 99%
Wyszomierski: 99%
Blake: 1%
Mattern: 99%

In conclusion, I spent too much time on that site, and too much time on this post. So what if I have a blog, and so what if I play with these pointless sites? At least I don't forward.

Posted: Tue - October 28, 2003 at 02:46 PM