A walk down memory lane

I open up the old PowerBook and take a look.

This entry has a corny title. I was bored, so I opened up my PowerBook G3 and started clicking around. In my iTunes library, I found some funny Halloween songs, clips from the Onion Radio News, and a few Belfry sound effects.

I also found some screen shots that I had taken. One was of a wacky error message in which the warning triangle graphic stretched to the bottom of the screen. The next was taken when my hard drive had only 333.33 MB available. Another shot showed a repetitive Apple menu where each sub-menu's choices simply repeated the sub-menu. I spent a long time trying to figure out the significance of the next screen shot. It was of a segment of my customized Excite home page. I finally realized that at the top, there was a text ad telling me to "Buy a cheap computer," and the daily quote below was McKinley's attack on the word "cheap." The final screen shot is even funnier today, with a new worm attacking Windows every week. It was an antivirus ad with a warning saying, "Don't open that email!" Beneath the blurb was an option to "Send me an email with more information."

That computer is awesome.

Posted: Tue - October 14, 2003 at 08:35 AM