Making PC's more bearable

Apple will soon deliver iTunes for Windows.

Good news for you PC users out there. On Thursday, Apple is likely to release its iTunes software for Windows. Fortunately I do not have to deal with PC's on a regular basis, but my friends Ted and Tony, the two T's of Music City, are stuck (unwillingly) in the Wintel world. Until they can get their hands on Macs of their own, they can experience some of Apple's magic on their PC's with iTunes. The T's know the joys of the iPod, but Ted has complained (with good reason) a lot about having to use MUSICMATCH Jukebox to manage his MP3's. Spoiled by years of musical enjoyment provided by iTunes, I was horrified to see what the PC world had to deal with when Ted was home in May.

For those of you who don't know about iTunes, read about it on Apple's website: Also, if anyone would like to buy me an iPod, please do. While the PC users are looking forward to iTunes, I'm awaiting the delivery of Panther on the 24th.

Posted: Tue - October 14, 2003 at 06:32 AM