A matter of opinion

My preferences/endorsements.

Time to interview myself:

M: Do you watch Dave or Jay?
W: Dave.

M: But Jay is funny.
W: I know.

M: So why do you watch Dave?
W: I like his show better.

M: What do you think about that guy who wrote in the NY Times that Steph's nightly appearances are annoying Dave's audience?
W: I think he works for NBC.

M: Conan rules!
W: I agree.

M: Coke or Pepsi?
W: Pepsi.

M: Cherry Coke or Wild Cherry Pepsi?
W: Cherry Coke.

M: Vanilla Coke or Pepsi Vanilla?
W: Neither.

M: VHS or Beta?
W: You just want me to start going on that rant where I say that most people are stupid, which is why the critics like Dave but Jay gets the ratings, Pepsi wins taste tests but Coke is the best seller, Beta is superior but everyone has VHS, and so on.

M: Well it worked, didn't it?
W: Yeah.

M: So you have Sega systems, right?
W: Genesis/32X/CD, Game Gear, Dreamcast.

M: Why?
W: I don't know. If someone gives me something else, I'll gladly accept it.

M: Why are we doing this?
W: I don't know.

Posted: Mon - November 3, 2003 at 05:05 PM