I'm baaaaack!

The prolific blogger returns!

Hey kids. I think some of you have grown too attached to this blog. I went home for the weekend and took a break from updating the blog. I decided to sign on for a couple minutes at home, and two people immediately asked me why the blog was not updated, and voiced their disappointment. JY also noted that he was going to ask about the blog, but correctly assumed that I was home when he noticed the lack of updates. Anyway, home is good, and by good, I mean a lot gooder than school. Food at home is good. Going out to dinner with my parents is good. Getting work (the good paying kind, not the homework kind) at home is good. Halloween at home is good. Pumpkins are good. Driving is good. Playing video games with my family is good. Home is great.

Posted: Sun - November 2, 2003 at 11:28 PM