What should I do?

My NetNewsWire demo is expiring.

Following Tony Trumbo's recommendation, I downloaded NetNewsWire when I started blogging. My demo expires on the 25th, and it costs $40 to register. It is an excellent application, and I have no complaints. I'm not even questioning if it is worth the money. I'm wondering if I really need it. If I relied on it for actual news, then maybe I would spend the money. However, if I bought it right now, I would be paying $40 for a program that will automatically tell me when Tony or Chris update their websites, and also gives me the latest Mac rumors. Useful, yes, but not necessary.

Okay so I've changed my mind as I write this. I think I've grown too attached to the convenience of this program.

No, I won't spend $40 on Mac rumors and the sporadic Trumbo updates!

Yes, I will.

I will decide on the 25th. Perhaps I will hide my wallet from myself.

No, that won't work, you idiot. You need your wallet on the 25th. That's the day you go home. You need your credit card to claim your ticket.

I'll just hide in the restroom.

You nutcase, who do you think you are?


Fine. See you on the 25th. Remember to bring your wallet.

Posted: Sun - November 23, 2003 at 06:36 AM