Wrapping things up

Should I turn in my keys?

I was thinking that a good way to make the end of the semester seem closer would be to turn in my projectionist keys on Friday. This is similar to last semester, when I started packing weeks before I went home for the summer, because I wanted the end to feel closer. There is one reason why I'm not sure about turning in the keys. The loss of the two keys and the associated ring may significantly reduce the jinglage* in my pockets. I could try to compensate by adding more coins, but I tend to lose them in a cascade of metallic currency every time I lean back in my desk chair. I might do a trial run tomorrow and leave the projectionist keys in my room to see how the day goes without carrying them. If the change is too dramatic, I could try to wean myself from the keys by turning them in one at a time, although I wouldn't know how to explain that to the office. ("I don't need the keys to the room anymore, however, I would still like to have access to the projection booth.") If I decide that I still need the keys, I will hold onto them until I go home. When I'm home, my car keys are a welcome replacement.

*Jinglage isn't a word.

Posted: Thu - November 20, 2003 at 04:09 AM