Note: I came across this page today (Nov. 2, 2014) and realized it's over 10 years old. I'm leaving it up for posterity, but please do not interpret this as an official policy as I haven't updated or even read it in a long time. -Wysz

This Privacy Policy, effective September 12, 2004, includes all pages of "Home of the Wysz" (HOTW) hosted within the directory and subdirectories of Home of the Wysz is operated solely by Michael Wyszomierski.

I may use certain traffic-monitoring tools such as web counters to monitor the traffic of HOTW. These tools may give me information such as number of hits, referrals, browser, or even specific IP addresses of visitors. I may publicly or privately share some of this information in a general manner, but I will never give information about specific visitors. For example, I may post the number of visitors HOTW had in a particular month, or what the most popular search phrase was, but I will not give the associated IP addresses or names of individuals. I reserve the right to post any information about individuals if the individual gives me his or her explicit consent.

HOTW may also contain advertisements and affiliate links to sites such as, and these links may be served and/or tracked by third parties. If you don't like this, get an ad blocker. If you're on a Mac, download Camino and choose "Block web advertising" in the "Web Features" preferences pane. This should get rid of most of or all ads.

Personal Information:
HOTW will not give or sell any individual's contact information to anyone without the individual's explicit permission. Contact information includes email address, postal address, and phone number.

Screen Names:
Quoting conversations using the AOL Instant Messenger network is an essential and popular aspect of HOTW. I explicitly reserve the right to post AOL Instant Messenger or .Mac screen names of individuals who contact AOL Instant Messenger screen name "Skier Wysz" or .Mac screen name "wysz", unless the individual explicitly indicates that he or she does not want this information to be posted on HOTW. I may also publish or share the content of their messages, away messages, or profiles unless the sender explicitly indicates that he or she does not want this information to be posted on HOTW. Any requests for screen name or message exclusion must be made before the message is sent.

I explicitly reserve the right to publish any emails sent to me regarding HOTW, unless the sender explicitly indicates that he or she does not wish the content of the message to be posted on HOTW. Unless given explicit permission by the sender, I will not publish the sender's email address, nor will I share it with or sell it to anyone.

I reserve the right to record any unsolicited telephone calls I receive, and publish the recording on HOTW. I will not publicize the phone number of the caller.

If you have any questions or suggestions about my privacy policy, please don't hesitate to email me: