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So I kind of feel sorry for those poor guys desperately searching the Internet for instructions on how to tie a bow tie, probably with little time to spare before they have to attend some important event, but I hope they at least get a small laugh in the midst of their panic. They can step back for a second and say, "You know, I shouldn't worry about tying this bow tie. I should enjoy life. I think I'm going to this function with a laundry basket and a sense of humor."

I'm proud of all the Strong Bad hits, because Strong Bad is almost as awesome as I am. Even though Strong Bad is awesome, Homestar is my favorite character. Ted is a Pom-Pom fan.

Stepahanie Birkitt is awesome as well. And I'm nice enough to refrain from calling her Monty. Or Chief. STOP CALLING ME CHIEF.

The buddy icons hits aren't surprising, but it seems someone wants one that also has sound.

The people interested in whose buddy lists they're on need to get lives.

It seems that John is not the only one who has searched for the answer to the question, "How much can a gorilla bench press?"
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