Wysz's List of Stuff You Shouldn't Drink

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1. Liquid Laundry Detergent
2. Lava
3. The Pepsi in my refrigerator that I didn't give you permission to drink
4. Milk from JHU's Terrace Court Café cafeteria
5. Muriatic acid found by the pool
6. Ink for your printer
7. Mouthwash
8. Motor Oil
9. Really hot soup that you didn't even blow on or anything
10. Glue
11. Hair Gel
12. Shower Gel
13. Soap
14. Photo Developing Chemicals
15. Lighter Fluid
16. Gasoline
17. Mercury
18. Lava Lamp Contents
19. Milk from JHU's Wolman Station cafeteria
20. Windex No-Drip
21. Radioactive tap water

Stuff people have told me to include on the list:
1. Fog Liquid
2. Mice
3. Cutex
4. Tchotchke

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