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Welcome to my store. Being the Internet, shirts and shoes are completely optional, as long as you have a credit card. Please don't steal anything.

Christmas Items!
Red-nosed "Bird with arms"
White ornament | Blue ornament | Greeting cards | En español

"Christmas is awesome" teddy bear
Red text | Green text

More Sleighbell!
Long Sleeved | Long Sleeved with blur | Black T | Sweatshirt | Hooded Sweatshirt | Jr. Hoodie
New Stuff
"You are awesome" teddy bear
Give this bear to that awesome someone. If you don't have a someone, it's totally worth it to get one just so you can buy this bear, because this bear is awesome. Perfect for Valentine's Day, which is probably coming up at some point. Please note that the printing is currently heat transfer, so it has that iron-on feel. (Picture)

Wallymunk is not a word. I made it up when I couldn't come up with a real word to call Brendan. The illustration is another one of my doodles. The doodle was created during a class that I took with Brendan, so I guess it makes some sense.
White T-Shirt | Grey T-Shirt | Long Sleeved | Women's T-Shirt
"The Pinch" shirts (inspired by my bow tie)

Regular | Ringer | Fitted | Cap Sleeve | Baseball | Long T | Women's T
Café B - Home of the Day 2 Special
These are for all of my Germantown Academy visitors. As you know, the schedule on Day 2, the only day I ever successfully memorized, is DA CAFE B. One of these days there will be an actual Café B on campus, but until then you can enjoy my merchandise.
Regular Mug | Large Mug |
Tee | Fitted T | Value T | Women's T | Long Sleeve | Employee

"Bird with arms"

T-shirt | Mousepad
For Christmas:
Ornaments (White background | Snowy background | En español)
Greeting Card
Colorblind-friendly apparel
Yellow T | Black T | Green T | Gray T | Pink T | Pink Ringer

Yellow T | Green T | Pink T | Pink Ringer

Yellow T | Black T | Green T | Pink T | Pink Ringer

Wysz's Thoughts
Wysz Disapproves

Wysz disapproves
Men's sleeveless tee: "X" | "Probability"
Bumper sticker
Trucker hat w/aviators coming soon.

Unsorted, but still awesome:
I have about 2 more pages of ideas sitting on my computer. I just need to design and upload all of the images, which takes time. Please continue to check back here for updates.
- Wysz

Well, I'm just saying, if you had a picture of a robot monkey with an American flag on it, incinerating someone with a laser, I think you could move a lot of merchandise.

- John U. Young

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