Wysz Experiences Electronic Music

Right now the only thing that impresses me is that there are four PowerBook G4 computers on the table at the front of the room.

If the performance is similar to what's been playing in the speakers since I arrived, then I will have to sneak out ASAP. I can't leave right now because my instructor is at the door.

8:40 PM. The show was supposed to start at 8. Somebody steps on the stage and sits in front of one of the PowerBooks. With an facial expression indicating extreme concentration, he stares at the monitor. A hum emanates from the speakers along with some random beeps that were either part of the song or just from the cell phone of a discourteous audience member. This continues for quite some time as I plan my exit. I'm waiting for my instructor to get on stage, so I can sneak out.

Wow, someone brought a camera, complete with a monopod. I hope he gets a good shot of the guy sitting at his computer.

I have no way of knowing if this first song is almost over. It's been going on for 10 minutes now. 20. Finally, he stands up, receives applause, and closes his PowerBook.

The next artist gets into position. It is my instructor's sister. They look alike. Her first song ends with the longest fade out I have ever heard. It must have been at least three minutes. I spoke (wrote?) too soon. There is no applause, so it must not have been the end of the song. She presses a button and the "song" begins again.

My instructor, accompanied by two artsy girls, sits in front of me. Perhaps I can slip out during the next applause. Maybe the power will go out. That would be a good excuse to leave. Why can't my instructor be on stage now? I want to leave. I'm missing dinner.

Finally my teacher's sister completes her composition and the audience applauses. Literally half of the attendees stand up and start to walk around. Maybe it's an intermission. I don't stick around to find out. I run back towards my dorm, but don't make it to dinner in time. Luckily it is my roommate's birthday, and we have cake.

Although I would never go to something like that again, I can appreciate that it probably take some degree of talent to create what I had heard. And I would never want someone to try it on something other than a Mac.

I am an idiot.
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