I made a couple of people frustrated last night when I initially declined to provide my opinion of a song. I’ve generally felt that listening to people talk about their tastes in music is as interesting as hearing their political opinions, so I’ve never felt compelled to contribute to such nonsense. I listen to what I like, and I don’t force it upon anyone else. But, since I was given such a hard time for not expressing myself, I’ll dedicate an entire blog post to some of the music I enjoy.

Instrumental (or mostly instrumental)
I’ve often thought to myself, “If this song didn’t have those annoying vocals, it would be pretty good.” There are too many musicians who believe that it’s necessary to have lyrics in their songs. Well, as creative as professional musicians are with writing notes, they tend to be remarkably unoriginal with words. I think 99% of all songs have lyrics about finding/getting/losing a girl or guy. I’m sure the verses are really touching for the person the song was written for, but for everyone else, and perhaps especially for the chronically single among us, they’re not something we need or want to hear.

I like all different kinds of instrumental music. One of my favorite groups is Blue Man Group, especially their first album, Audio. It’s neat. I also like the Animusic tracks, but they sound better with the visuals. Mannheim Steamroller is instrumental, but I’ll talk about Christmas music later. I’ll even listen to techno/club/electronica if it’s catchy enough. Some of this stuff has vocals, but they aren’t the focus. Recently, I’ve been listening to Daft Punk over and over. I like more acoustic stuff like piano pieces from George Winston or Philip Glass. I also like orchestral movie soundtracks. Or orchestral versions of non-classic music. Those can be fun, like the London Philharmonic playing The Who.

Classic Rock
Speaking of The Who, I like some classic rock, or I guess just regular rock. I don’t really know the difference. But I can listen to stuff by The Who, Styx, Rush, Boston, U2, Coldplay, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Van Halen… I put those all in the same category. Some songs I love and others I can’t stand. I like to start “Fire on High” at 1:31.15 in iTunes, and then really start paying attention at 2:43.

’80s Pop
These songs just make the ’80s sound like so much fun. I have this weird feeling that if I was a teenager in that time, I might have actually been one of the cool kids. But probably not. Gotta love the great use of synths. And now I even like modern pop songs, which I used to never be able to stand. Maybe it’s because pop stuff at least has high production values, and I often enjoy technically sound art, even if it’s lacking in the creative department.

I don’t have a lot of stuff in my library that’s comedy, but there are a few choice tracks which I enjoy.

No matter what genre the music itself is, I love Christmas music. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. My favorites are the classics as well as Mannheim Steamroller and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. And “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” by Bruce Springsteen.

So there, that’s some of the music I like. Just don’t ask me who I’m voting for.

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