I keep forgetting to pay my power bill because everything else is paid automatically. Here’s why this bill is paid manually.

The auto-pay page, while hidden, starts out well:

Auto Pay is a convenient, hassle-free way to pay your bill.

Cool. Sign me up!

To enroll in Auto Pay, please fill out the Automated Payment Authorization form, print, sign and fax it to…


To be fair, I could mail it instead.


Sometimes I think about visiting Australia. Then I read something like this:

If you wear a head torch and look into the bush, dozens of little glinting blue-green-yellow eyes shine back at you from the leaf litter. They are all spiders.

I have not been to Australia.


Me: How is [dog’s name, redacted for security]?
Beah: he’s good. A little insecure today because I had to answer a security question, “What’s the name of your favorite pet?” and I read it out loud to him and acted like I couldn’t decide

My collection of self-driving cars…

…articles. 🙂 I don’t have a self-driving car yet. I like to learn about self-driving cars, and I share relevant articles, photos, and videos in my self-driving cars Google+ collection. If you come across something that I might have missed, please send it to me! I’m more likely to share actual announcements and less likely to share speculation, but I like to read almost anything about the subject.

Getting my name out there

New Horizons is currently checking out Pluto and my name is on board. Today, I read that in 2005, you could give NASA your name and they’d burn it on a CD and attach it to the New Horizons probe. It sounded like something I would do. It turns out, it’s something that I did.

certificate with my name

By the way, I’m currently reading The Martian. I hadn’t read science fiction in a while, and I’m really enjoying the book. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie in October.