And now even Twitter confuses me

Life used to be so simple. Look at messages that were 140 characters or fewer in length sent by your friends.

It reminds me of the early days of Flickr — a place for people who liked pictures to share pictures. At one point I stepped away from it for a bit, and when I came back, I found MySpace-level antics going on. The mainstream users had found it. There were seemingly automated “join my group” requests, and comments with, I hate to say it, glitter text.

And then there’s Facebook. I used it daily for about a year in school. Now, I log in about once a month and can’t even figure out where to find my own profile, and have to reject a bunch of requests to fight zombies or some other nonsense.

So what happened to Twitter? It looks like again too many people are trying too hard to get in touch with everyone on the planet. As you may already know, I’m never thrilled about meeting new people. And you know what? I didn’t get into computers to interact with humans. I thought that was part of the deal… I mean since when were nerds social animals?

Here’s what made me finally write this: Today, my Twitter home page is full of people writing some variation of this message:

@wefollow #google #search #tech

I don’t know what this means. Yes, I know the hashtag thing, but why is it to this wefollow character? I’m sure I could easily find out with about one click, but it’s a Saturday, and Saturdays ain’t for learnin’ nothin’.

3 thoughts on “And now even Twitter confuses me”

  1. BTW, I was the first to use the #googler tag. Looks like you were second. Too bad they don’t rank based on the order added. 🙂

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