I drove a new car today

Today at work I had the chance to test drive a Chevy Volt, GM’s electric (or plug-in hybrid, or whatever you want to call it) car. I’m a big fan of electric cars, so this was a lot of fun for me as it’s the first time I’ve actually driven one.

In terms of a review, there’s really not much to say, as it’s not much different than what you’d expect any car to be like. It felt like it had more torque than my Accord, so that was fun, plus I just like the sound of an electric motor. The only part of the driving experience that felt different than what I’m used to was during the regenerative braking, but it wasn’t distracting. You can also throw it into low gear which will also try to capture some energy when you let off the gas, which I suppose you could get used to and only engage while driving in a hilly area.

Up next: I’ll be test-driving a Nissan Leaf on Halloween.

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