Three gadgets that I want

Parrot AR.Drone

It’s a quadricopter with augmented reality video games built in to the control system. It looks awesome.

High speed video camera

I looked at the EX-F1 from Casio, but it looks like the higher speed videos are recorded at lower-than-SD resolution, and I don’t think that’s worth $1,000. Anybody have other suggestions at or below that price point?

Full-frame Nikon DSLR

I need Nikon because Canon doesn’t have an acceptable GPS solution. I want full-frame because I don’t like noise. I’m not buying anything right now though, because the least expensive full-frame Nikon DSLR is the D700, which was released in October 2008. Assuming that there is either a price drop or a product refresh every two years, I think I just need to wait a little longer for one of those things to happen.

Anyway, just thought I’d put that out there in case you didn’t know what to get me for┬áColumbus┬áDay.

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