I just got back from checking out the Perseid meteor shower. It’s pretty difficult to escape light pollution around here, but Reid was able to take us to a spot where we still had a pretty good view of the show. Pics below. (Click for full resolution.)

One of the first ones we saw. Not very bright.


This one was nice, long, and bright. The iPhone doesn't fully capture it.


It was getting pretty cold at the end so we said we would wait for one more that we all saw before leaving. This is the final meteor that we all spotted, and it had a unique orange glow.

Now I just need to decide if I should try and sleep or just go to work really early.

6 thoughts on “Perseids”

  1. an explanation straight from source:
    “i guess i was just trying to capture the experience not the individual meteors”

    this is art, not some boring reflection of reality.

  2. all I see are black boxes!…I thought that I saw something for a sec, but then I realized that it was a smudge on my laptop screen…

  3. Nice. I especially like the second one. I think it captures something about our universe that can’t be put into words. Well done Wysz, well done.

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