2 thoughts on “The big question”

  1. much needed context:

    mikeal: oh i see the problem
    you were looking at myspace
    you shouldn’t do that
    it is a dirty place
    me: hard to manage such an online following
    it’s the best place to check out a band to decide if you should buy their stuff
    mikeal: ugh
    12:19 PM i have computers make my music
    me: how do you deal with yourself
    you can computerize everything around you
    online haircuts and what not
    but you are still human
    12:20 PM very imperfect
    mikeal: no!
    i am not human
    i do not have feelings

  2. ooh i love out of context quotations!

    Mariya: did you see wysz got hiyeed
    with a fake party invite (:?
    must have been reid…

    Nelson: haha yeah saw that
    you got invited?

    Mariya: yeah i saw it this morning and replied,
    why’d you cancel it, i was looking forward to going….
    to which he said,
    “I can assure you that you were invited by mistake.”

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