Home for Christmas

My family is here, there are some patches of snow on the roof, the house is decorated, and I bought my lunch (an Italian hoagie) at Wawa. It’s good to be home.

Here’s a shot of my French vanilla cappuccino, with a dash of dark roast and chocolate caramel coffee, for just $1.19:
Wawa coffee

In thewysz.com news, don’t expect a new Chicken and Ketchup episode for at least two weeks. But I promise I have a few good ones ready to shoot in 2008. I’ve even pre-written a few jokes about spaghetti sauce.

2 thoughts on “Home for Christmas”

  1. oops — my previous comment was supposed to be about this this entry. This is good because there’s not much to read here.

    [wysz edit]
    here’s your previous post, for the benefit of my readers:

    haven’t actually read your post yet but I’m glad to see that Wawa is featured. If I have time, I might read your post. But only if I’m not busy buying cheesesteaks, watching football, going to Wawa and renting Rocky.

    [/wysz edit]

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