I knew something was wrong last night when I was ready to go to a party early. Usually I wait until the last minute to start looking for some clean clothes, but I didn’t really have anything to do yesterday so I even had time to go out and buy a new tie for the event. And that new tie? I got it in a decent knot on the first try. I wear ties so infrequently (probably averaging out to about once a year) that it usually takes me quite some time to get it even close to looking acceptable.

When it was time to go, I had everything I needed for the party, but when I reached for my keys, I couldn’t find them. I looked around my unusually clean apartment and didn’t see them anywhere, and within seconds realized what had happened. Off of my balcony, I have a storage closet that is locked with my apartment key. I was putting stuff in there earlier in the day, and set my keys down inside. When I was finished, I closed the locked door and got ready for the party, leaving the keys to my car and apartment locked up.

I sure felt like an idiot calling the after-hours lockout number, because when he asked where I was, I replied, “In my apartment.” He was pretty nice about it though, and told me about someone else who locked himself out on his balcony.

I think my string of bad luck is just about over though, because if these things come in threes, I’m all set. When I finally left for the party I forgot to bring directions to my friend’s house, and then today I went shopping in the grocery store without my wallet. I shop at Lucky, by the way, because they don’t have bonus cards. I like bonus cards as much as Adam West likes baseball cards.

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