Mike vs. Wysz: Wysz’s Biased Comparison

Mike Leotta is now blogging. Before he pollutes the web any further, let me give you all fair warning by highlighting some of the key differences between Mike Leotta and Michael “The Wysz” Wyszomierski:

  • Mike hates space. Michael loves space.
  • As a teenager, Mike had long hair. Michael changes his hairstyle every 10 years.
  • Mike’s website has little content. Michael has been at this game for a long time.
  • Mike has big muscles. Michael concedes this one.

Those are the facts, folks.

5 thoughts on “Mike vs. Wysz: Wysz’s Biased Comparison”

  1. The truth…

    – Mike does not hate space, he is just bored with our moon. Michael hates social interaction.
    – Mike was 20 when he had fashionably acceptable shaggy hair. Michael wears chef pants to work.
    – Mike’s website has a clean, professional design. Michael admits his website “looks like the css was written by a 5 year old”
    – Michael has a new Mac Pro. Mike concedes this one.

    Those are the real facts, folks.

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