My car was broken into and all I got was this kind of cool picture

Last night, between the hours of 9 PM and 7 AM, my passenger window was smashed and my brand-new GPS, which I received as a gift, was stolen.

It happens. According to the officer who took the report, it happens here all the time. I later heard from a coworker that they specifically target nice areas where people park outside and are likely to have a GPS. I’m glad I live in a “nice” area. So whatever, I have insurance, hopefully everything will be covered.

Someone else will fix the window, and a GPS is replaced with cash, so I thought the worst part for was going to be cleaning up the glass. It was pretty bad, and I’m still not finished. But it wasn’t the worst part.

You see, every Friday, they serve donuts at work. Delicious donuts, including a raised donut with chocolate frosting. This is my favorite kind of donut. Let’s call it a Wyszonut. Of all the great perks*, the free Wyszonut is the one I crave the most. Unfortunately, other people also like the Wyszonut. Last week, by the time I got in, all of the Wyszonuts were gone, and it bothered me for the rest of the day. I even considered going out and buying donuts at lunch. This morning, I was on track to beat the rush and get my Wyszonut. I opened the door of my apartment ant 7:10. Considering I routinely do this over two (and sometimes three) hours later, I was quite impressed with myself. But then there was the whole broken window delay, and I got in at about 9:10. All of the Wyszonuts were gone. That was the worst part.

Oh, and check out this picture:
Broken glass with sticker reading [Security System and Immobilizer Anti-Theft System]


Update: The estimate for the window was below my deductible, and the GPS is a “personal item” not covered by my policy. This is going to be all out-of-pocket for me. Good thing I just spent all that money on a Mac Pro.

6 thoughts on “My car was broken into and all I got was this kind of cool picture”

  1. You could also move to Redwood City… It only took my an hour and forty minutes to drive home the day that gas tanker crashed, and that’s super-reasonable.

  2. Yeah, it was out in plain view. I would hide it when parking away from my apartment, but that night when I parked, I thought to myself, “If I have to hide this when I’m parking at my own apartment, that’s just sad and I should move.” Well, you know what happened next.

    Oh, and I just found out that the door can’t be opened from the inside. Oh well.

  3. This happened to me on my birthday last year. I was in Baltimore, so I guess I should have expected it.

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