How should I roll?

I first launched Wyszdom without a “blogroll,” which is a list of links to other blogs that the author reads. I like to recommend reading to my visitors, but I’m not sure of the best way to filter my list. I’m subscribed to 69 feeds in Google Reader, so simply publishing a list of all of my subscriptions would be impractical. Only about 30 of these feeds are actual blogs, and I’d guess 20 of them would be blogs that you’re not already aware of. So do I just list this subset of 20, which is mostly my friends’ blogs? Would you, my reader, be interested in that?

Of course if I do decide to go that route, where do I draw the line? Only my best friends, or anyone who can call me an acquaintance? What if I disagree with what they write? Am I endorsing them? I’m not really sure what to do.

For now, I think I’ll stay without a blogroll, and just mention any of my subscriptions as I have things to say about them. Especially if Mike says something exceptionally stupid.

4 thoughts on “How should I roll?”

  1. you should only blogroll me. oh, and make sure to put it in <blink> tags so everyone sees it.does that count as saying something exceptionally stupid?

  2. False. Blogroll EVERYONE. I want to read your High School Friends’ blogs! I want to know everything about you! ::stalk stalk stalk::

  3. Mike has a blogroll…do you want to be like Mike? I would take this as a direct sign that you want to be like Mike if you added a blogroll =) I do really like Mike’s recent comments thingy…you should get one of those!

  4. I’ve been wondering about blogrolls myself. Some blogs have hundreds of entries… it ends up looking sort of ridiculous. Also, do you place a blogroll on the home page or in the template for every post? decisions, decisions…

    I second the vote for putting Mike’s blog in tags.

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