3:21 AM

It’s now a bit after 3 AM and I’m trying to decide if I should go to work really early (and then get to bed early) or get some sleep and go to work really late. Usually when this happens, I go in late.

My plan right now is to take a short nap, then head in early. Use the comments below to guess what will really happen. No cheating if you’re reading this in the future and know the answer.

I know I’ve been blogging more than usual lately, but that’s only because I was recently reading my old blog, and was disappointed in how much I’ve slowed down compared to when I was in school. I’m not trying to match my old blogging intensity, but it would be nice to reach an average of one post per day. Oh, and since this is going out at a crazy hour of the morning, I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that the time stamps on my old blog are 3 hours off — it looks like they all got converted to PST even though at the time I was blogging from EST. So if you see an entry that was published at 1 AM, it was actually worse… I was blogging at 4. Note that my old old blog shows the correct time.

4 thoughts on “3:21 AM”

  1. For those of you keeping track at home, I actually got in a few minutes past 9… actually a pretty normal time.

  2. I was under the mistaken impression that working professionals go to bed at a reasonable hour. My bad.

  3. Reid: The glasses have nothing to do with what time I woke up. I’m working on a plan to extend my one-year supply of contacts into two. So I’m doing glasses for 2 full weeks. Get used to it.

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