I just completed a two-week period of only wearing glasses, and not contacts. I’m glad I did it, because after wearing glasses for an extended period of time, I’m no longer bothered by all of the distortion they cause, and will be more likely to wear them at night instead of leaving my contacts in longer than I should. But that’s not blogworthy.

What is blogworthy is the fact that this two-week training on my eyes has given me a bigger laptop monitor. You see with glasses, everything appeared smaller than I saw it without glasses (even with contacts.) I don’t know if that’s how it works for everyone, but that’s how I saw things. But after two weeks, I was used to the “small” world I was living in. Today, just after I had put my contacts back in, I picked up my laptop and noticed that everything looked huge! At first I thought my¬†resolution¬†or browser font size settings had been changed. As I looked around, I realized that wasn’t the case; the monitor itself appeared larger. I looked beyond my monitor, and saw that my TV had grown too! I think I’m going to go and look around for more “upgrades.”

Oh, and speaking of upgrades, if you use WordPress, it’s time for 2.5.1 (includes security fixes). You’ll want to subscribe to their blog to hear about future updates (thanks for the tip, Matt), so I don’t have to tell you here.

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