Fashion(able) update

I recently wrote about my sister winning an award at Marist’s Silver Needle Fashion Show. I have some more info, and even a video, again provided by my mom.

black dress

First, the story behind the black and white dress (picture above by my mom). I jokingly asked upon seeing it, “So is this what everyone will be wearing in 5 years?” The reason for the unusual design is the criteria for the project. It had to be black and white, with a comedy/tragedy theme. There also had to be a non-fabric element. In Sara’s case, the theme is Barnum & Bailey, and the non-fabric element is the use of hula hoops. Oh, and this also explains why it looks like a circus tent.

Here’s a video of the winning collection:

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  1. For someone who couldn’t iron until he was 21, you come from a very fashionable family.

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