A few people have been asking me lately where they can get one of the “Wysz” shirts that I occasionally wear. I only have one of them, and I ordered it from CafePress for a Halloween costume. Since it sounds like some of you were actually serious about buying a shirt, I’m putting it up for sale publicly. And for Dan, I’m also offering a hoodie version.

Long-sleeved t-shirt with Wysz printed on front.

While we were talking about shirts, Matt came up with an idea for a shirt that could be used to add a disclaimer to everyday statements made by employees of any company. Here it is:

Shirt with text: Social disclaimer: The views I express in this conversation are mine alone and not those of my employer.

And finally, a shirt suggested by my cousin years ago is finally a reality. Well, it will be if you order one:

Don\'t front

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